Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Proposed unit title: "If I Only Had a Brain...". The unit is covering the nervous system specifically identifying the major structure and functions of the of the brain. Also diseases that affect the brain. Proposed curriculum questions:
Essential Question--In the “Wizard of Oz”, why does the scarecrow wish for a brain?
Unit Question--What happens when we think?
Content Questions--What are the 5 main parts of the brain? What is the function of each main part? What are 2 diseases that affect the brain? What area of the brain is affected by these diseases? Any emerging treatments for your identified diseases?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Module 1 Reflection

This module has made me think about my role as an instructional designer in the following ways...first of all it is a lot more than just sitting down on Sunday evening and figuring out what I am going to teach "next week"! Trying to figure out what unit I want to create in class...so many choices so little time! Wishing there was more time in a day to really design all of my units of study. I am excited about this journey we are traveling on these Tuesday afternoons.